Article: Future in the Past. The Historicity of Utopia

Rootless Rocks and Drifting Stones is available at Walther Koenig Frankfurt am Main(DE), WIELS Brussels (BE) and at selected bookstores, among others: Munich, Cologne, Berlin, Amsterdam and online.

Article: Ambivalenzen der Utopie in der Gegenwartskunst

Artikel über Ambivalenzen der Utopie in der Gegenwartskunst in der aktuellen Ausgabe von, E-Journal für Kunst- und Bildgeschichte, zum Thema RE/VISIONEN DER UTOPIE, Redaktion: Angela Krawani, Samantha Schramm, Christiane Heibach.

PhD: Mindmap. Utopien der Gegenwartskunst

The mindmap visualises contemporary practices and connects them with different theories on utopian thinking. It structures the theoretical approaches along two main strands: avant-garde and modernist aesthetics, whereas it retraces their revival and critique in modernological, participartory and interventionist approaches in contemporary art.

PhD: Zlín is a shiny phenomenon
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